Prayer Guidelines 

Prayers for the Prime Minister

Boris Johnson MPThe Prime Minister of a country has an extremely influential role in the government of that nation.

We need to be aware that 'Government' is used in two senses. Firstly there is a general sense, in which 'government' refers to the system by which a state or community is governed i.e. the whole Parliamentary system. Secondly,  there is a more specific interpretation when 'government' refers to the particular executive group responsible for the direction a government takes and for the policies introduced i.e. the Cabinet. 

The Prime Minister of a nation's government is the head of the government, in both senses, and is ultimately responsible for its policy and decisions.  

It is likely that the Prime Minister  will also:
•    oversee the operation of the Civil Service and government agencies.
•    appoint members of the government.
•    be the principal government figure in the nation's parliament.

Their position is not an hereditary one, but by appointment - firstly by election as a result of votes cast, and secondly because they have a leadership position in the party they represent.

In Britain, the position of Prime Minister is not established by any constitution or law but exists only by long established convention, which stipulates that the monarch must appoint as prime minister the person most likely to command the confidence of the House of Commons. This individual is typically the leader of the political party or coalition of parties that holds the largest number of seats in that chamber. 

In this position of responsibility, they need our prayers.

1. Pray that they will have wisdom & understanding.
A godly standard.
  • Proverbs 8: 12-16 - I, wisdom, dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge and discretion. The fear of the Lord is to hate evil; pride and arrogance and the evil way and the perverse mouth I hate. Counsel is mine, and sound wisdom; I am understanding, I have strength. By me kings reign, and rulers decree justice. By me princes rule, and nobles, all the judges of the earth.
  • 1 Kings 3: 28 - And all Israel heard of the judgment which the king (Solomon) had rendered; and they feared the king, for they saw that the wisdom of God was in him to administer justice.
  • Proverbs 4: 7-8 - Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding. Exalt her, and she will promote you; she will bring you honour when you embrace her.

2. The fear of the Lord brings wisdom.
How does the head or leader of a nation find the ‘fear of the Lord’? We must remember that this fear is not the fear of dread but the fear that is awe expressed by honour and respect.
  • Job 28:28 - And to man He said, `Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to depart from evil is understanding.'
  • Psalm 111:10 (a) - The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.
3. Obedience leads to a good understanding.
To obey the Lord, people in leadership need to know the Word of God. Pray that people will come to know the Lord not only as Saviour, but as the Lord of their lives.
  • Psalm 110:10 (b) - A good understanding have all those who do His commandments.
4. Discretion preserves from disaster.
  • Proverbs 2: 10-11 - When wisdom enters your heart, and knowledge is pleasant to your soul, discretion will preserve you; understanding will keep you.
5. Humility is the stepping stone to honour.
People in positions of authority need to know how to cope with honour.
  • Proverbs 15:33 - The fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom, and before honour is humility.
6. In many counsellors there is safety.
Even those in authority need to have a teachable spirit. All of us are always developing and in doing so, we learn.
  • Proverbs 11:14 - Where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.
  • Proverbs 12:20 - Deceit is in the heart of those who devise evil, but counsellors of peace have joy.
  • Proverbs 15:22 - Without counsel, plans go awry, but in the multitude of counsellors they are established.
7. Diligent
To be diligent and trustworthy are great qualities in those who are leaders.
  • Proverbs 12:24 - The hand of the diligent will rule.
8. Righteousness
When someone is righteous, people feel safe and that they can trust the person concerned.
  • Proverbs 16:12-13 - It is an abomination for kings to commit wickedness, for a throne is established by righteousness. Righteous lips are the delight of kings, and they love him who speaks what is right.
  • Proverbs 21:3 - To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice.
9. For Godly Inspirational Leadership
  • Judges 5:2 - "When leaders lead in Israel, when the people willingly offer themselves, bless the Lord!” Leadership is a great example and source of inspiration to people.
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